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We like fixing complex problems with high-end web applications.

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We create understandable solutions for complex problems

Our trained professionals design and build

  • Full experience websites and webshops

  • User-friendly business-apps

  • Complete platforms for enterprises

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A strategic advantage

Alterio focuses on high-end web applications for organizations that want to gain a strategic advantage and quickly innovate alongside their existing online platform. From our office in the heart of Amsterdam we create and build applications that support your business goals.

You can call us for help with critical deadlines, in-house development issues, migrations, quick-prototyping and solving performance and usability issues.

Tech solutions in business language

Our best practices are:

We like to think of ourselves as approachable people who understand the business language. When it comes to business rules, marketing or branding, we know how to incorporate this into a high-end technical solution. That’s why our process is clear and simple:

Get to know your business

We take the time to learn and understand your online business goals.

Create an interaction framework

We design a goal-oriented flow based on user research.

Make your brand stand out online

Translating your styleguide to be more than the sum of the parts.

Build the actual solution

Building and testing your application with state-of-the-art tooling.

A selection of our favourite



Wordpress on steroids with our completely custom designed and built themes and plugins for worlds most used CMS. When you’re ready for the next step.

Let's do this together,shall we?

Patrick de Ridder

Patrick de Ridder

Please feel free to directly call Patrick, or request a free consultation call.

Bas van de Kamer

Need help chosing the right technology for your application? Have a direct call with Bas!

Bas van de Kamer

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